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Kishor G

Kishor G

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The Guggul ingredient promotes the correct skin trophism for the well-being and functionality of the skin.

kishorG It favors the body's physiological purification processes, purifies the skin and combats free radicals . This formula combines the activity of ingredients such as Guggul ( Commiphora mukul Hook.) that performs a specific action in purifying the skin with that of Triphala, a rasayana (rejuvenating) derived from the sum of the three fruits of Myrobolan: Amalaki ( Phyllanthus emblica L. ), Bibhitaki ( Terminalia bellirica Roxb.) and Haritaki ( Terminalia chebula Retz.) which, thanks to its decisive antioxidant action , acts at the cellular level to counteract the damage caused by free radicals. An activity that helps liver function .

It is a valid help to eliminate the waste accumulated in the epidermal tissue, improving the exchange through the pores, giving shine and uniformity to the skin.
We recommend taking kishorG in association with Bisept for a more decisive action for the well-being of the skin.

The use of the supplement Kishorg It is indicated in disorders of Vata Dosha .

Ingredients : powder of: Guggul resin ( Commiphora mukul Hook); Emulsifier: microcrystalline cellulose; eg from: Myrobalan chebulus ( Terminalia chebula Retz.) fructus, Myrobalan beleric ( Terminalia bellerica Roxb.) fructus, Myrobalan emblica ( Phyllanthus emblica L.) fructus; Thickener: calcium phosphate, inulin; eg from: Black pepper ( Piper Nigrum L.) fructus, Long pepper ( Piper longum L.) fructus, Ginger ( Zingiber officinale Rosc.) rhizome; Anti-caking agents: talc, magnesium stearate.

Recommended daily dose : 2 tablets twice a day, preferably after meals with a hot drink.

Presentation : bottle of 100 tablets.

Precautions : do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

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