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Sniffino helps to restore breathing through the nose . The mixture of active principles, based on plant extracts with decongestant and fluidifying characteristics, exerts its beneficial action on the respiratory system and helps to fluidify secretions . Sniffino is useful for people who suffer from the unpleasant sensation resulting from congestion of the mucous membranes. During study, while traveling or whenever you feel the urge, an inhalation of Sniffino can provide a pleasant sensation of stimulating attention and relieving concentration fatigue.

Content : 0.75g: Karpoor pwdr. (Cinnamomum camphora), Pudina ka phool (Mentha arvensis, Gandhapura tel (Eucalyptus globulus), Nilgiri ka tel (Gautheria fragrantissima).

How to use : unscrew the cap and insert the upper part of the inner cylinder into one nostril at a time, inhaling deeply through the nose; after use, screw the cap on to close the device. The application can be repeated several times a day.

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